Our Story

Moms are busy

Taking care of yourself and your family and your business means different needs for how you dress. It takes time (that you don’t have) and energy (that would be better spent elsewhere) to run home and change for each occasion. How do you feel put together without bringing a whole wardrobe with you wherever you go?

Meet Capri

I found myself in a rush to drop my kid off at school one morning. With breakfast served, bags packed, and my daughter dressed, I had absolutely no time left to get myself ready. So, I dashed out of the house in my comfy flannel pajama pants.

Upon arriving at school, I received a standing ovation and slow clap from another mom who had also just arrived. It was like an unspoken acknowledgment, a "I see you, I've been there, and you did it—you made it to school."

Studio South Philly was born

That got me thinking: Could I possibly cut the corners when getting dressed? What if I could wear clothes that are not only comfortable but also able to handle any task for the day ahead. 

One less thing to worry about throughout the day would feel really nice.

Our promise to you

You can do it all. We help you get there.

Studio South Philly will be a collection of clothes that can work for any occasion so you can feel confident knowing that what you are wearing will work for school drop off, a workout, a business meeting, the playground and anything else you have going on that day.